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Waldo Hechter
Waldo Hechter
Husband, Father, Friend, Business Manager, Teacher, Designer, Creator of things and ideas.

Who Am I?

As an individualist I don’t have a typical personal profile. After I left school to study Building Science and soon realised it was not for me, I traveled to the UK and Europe for a while. Entering the work force I explored my creative scope and designed and developed websites and online tools and joined a Method Acting Group. I studied Digital Filmmaking and started a career in education and training, working with disaffected young people. Exploring my business and management skills I managed an alternative education unit before taking time out to support Anne while we were preparing for parenthood.

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  • Learning to be a dad.
  • My Beard is not a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle.
  • I try to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

Competency Profile

Creating Innovation
Giving Support

Memorable moments

  • Traveling and living in UK
  • Getting Married
  • Preparing for and becoming a Dad
  • Isabel gigeling at my jokes

Hobbies, Interest, and Fun Stuff

  • Playing with the dog, being outdoors
  • Brewing beer and distilling brandy