So my second barrel was a big success. Great fermentation, good transfer and added the right amount of auger so good alcohol content, about 4-5%. Even created a label for my bottles.

What I have learned later relates to bottling.

About five weeks into second fermentation in the pressure barrel, I bottled a few test bottles. Small bottles with cork tops. The pressure made a few pop out and I replaced them immediately. After about eight weeks I opened a few of those when I took them to friends. Halve lost their fizz, this is understandable as the corks could be the reason for loosing fizz.

However what I also did was bottle some fresh beer from the pressure barrel. Going into the bottle it foams and has a great head. But even after being properly capped or as in plastic bottles screw caped. It just doesn’t keep it’s fizz.

So had a chat with an experienced brewer. He suggested that I bottle after first fermentation to keep fizz. Or to use a soda stream to add fizz when you know your going to be drinking it soon. I like the pressure barrel so I might have to get another pressure barrel just so that I can have barrel beer and bottle some for taking out.