I have been having some trouble with my pressure barrel.

It could be entirely my fault however the tap seems to leak. At the bottom of the tap the seal doesn’t seem to, well seal.

At first I thought it was the whole seal however last time I moved it i gently pushed the whole tap upwards, and the leak became more prominent. It is impossible to turn the tap any further than what I already have, (well its impossible for me to do so) and its not possible for me to put the beer somewhere else.

So the only thing to do is to release the pressure through the pressure valve.

This made me wonder, why didn’t the pressure valve not release the pressure on its own why did the tap spring a leak?

After speaking to Overt Locke (where I bought my equipment) they suggested that after this batch I should check the seal by cleaning the barrel and then pouring a litre of hot (almost boiling) water in and sealing the barrel. then give it a shake and see if the leak is still present.

(The hot water will build pressure if the barrel is shaken and then closed)

If the seal doesn’t have a crack and the tap and barrel is still ok they will look to replace it for me, that was nice of them to offer.

However this gave an idea.

Before transferring your beer from fermenter to barrel, test he pressure in the barrel when you clean it. By doing the hot water test then you will know how tight the tap needs to be before you transfer.