I believe the use of the terms Education and Learning is important, especially the implication their meaning has on the subconscious mind and how that shapes what we as tutors and learners focus on in the education/learning environment.


For me, the significant aspect is how we interpret these words individually. lets look at the definitions of these words first.


teaching, schooling, tuition, tutoring, instruction, pedagogy, andragogy, coaching, training, tutelage, drilling, preparation, guidance, indoctrination, inculcation, enlightenment, edification, cultivation, development, improvement, bettering[/two_third_last] learning

study, studying, education, schooling, tuition, teaching, academic work, instruction, training;[/two_third_last] [/quote]

The definition for education refers to process and system – two words that describe step by step methods, things working together in a mechanism or interconnecting network in an organisation. While the definition of learning refers to acquiring knowledge and skill through experience. What I find interesting and useful to note is that learning is not a synonym for education, however education is a synonym for learning. I however don’t believe these should be synonyms for each other.

When these words, education and learning are deconstructed by definition we can easily see how one refers to the organisation and the other refers to the individual.

If we now consider how we use the terms to describe what happens and when it happens I think we have become confused about what they mean and therefore about the meaning we give them.

For me the impact on someone especially a child or young person is greatly effected by the language we use when communicating the importance of their (education/learning?). What are we referring towhee we use these word interchangeably, the process they need to follow or the the knowledge they are acquiring? In the same way what are we saying to teachers when we confuse them about what it is they do. Do they educate or do they facilitate learning?

Subsequently it is clear that the name DfE (Department for Education), refers to the process and procedure and not the individual learner. This reveals that from the top down this sets the tone, to focus on the education instead of the learning.


Having experienced the importance placed on the processes within the systems and experiencing that the learning is an import and after thought i now wonder if we should not put more importance on the learning and less importance on the education. Or find a better education system, a system that interferes less with the learning allowing the teacher, tutor, facilitator to focus on the learning experience.

I have worked hard on improving my educational process in order to comply with the system requirements, I however still struggle to place the same importance value on the process and system as others may do.

My instinct is to focus on the learning!