Wikipedia describes micro brewery as a brewery that produces a limited amount of beer, less than 5000 hls (don’t know what hls is or how much it is). I will not be producing anything near that. So what would I be called if I make my own beer.

Would I even be called a brewer?

Considering that I will be producing beer from a kit and the kit was prepared by a brewery, are they the brewer? If they are what am I?

I can imagine real brewers coming up with some creative and interesting terms, none to flattering. If my involvement in the process is merely fermentation and consumption, am I just fooling myself to think I can call myself a brewer.

Brewers surely have to start somewhere, and most start as apprentices learning from a brewer. But I don’t want to change my career just to learn a new hobby skill. So I start with a kit and maybe one day I will move onto mixing barley, yeast water and sugar to make my own concoction. Will I not then be a brewer?

And unless my first batch turns out to be poison, I will most defiantly want to make my own concoction one day.

So if I’m working towards being a brewer, I am surely going to start calling myself a brewer.